Individual, Couples & Family Counseling

Ready to take charge of your life? Whether you’re struggling with personal issues like anxiety or depression or relationship issues with your partner or other family members, counseling can help you learn the skills you need to master your moods and improve your relationships.

Individual Counseling

Depressed? Anxious? Life got you down?

More than one in four adults – and more than one in three teens – will suffer from some form of depression, anxiety or both every year, and many try to cope with mental health issues by using alcohol or drugs. That’s sad because research shows that treatment is effective, yet less than half will seek treatment. When you are ready for success, we will help you achieve meaningful, lasting change as quickly as possible. 

Family Counseling

Is conflict tearing your family apart?

People are complicated, relationships are hard, and every family is a blending of beliefs, culture, and values. All families struggle at times to make decisions, manage conflict, and balance family and individual boundaries, needs and goals. Blended families are even more complicated. We will help you learn and use the critical relationship skills to achieve a healthy balance and support for all members. 

Couples Counseling

Marriage in trouble? Growing apart?

Better than 50% of first marriages end in divorce, and even more subsequent marriages fail. Want to be among the “better half” of those couples and celebrate year after year of happy marriage? Learn to use 7 simple skills to give your family the gift of a lasting marriage. We can help you develop the kind of vibrant, enduring relationship that you both imagined when you first fell in love.

our expertise


More than anything else, Michael and Tracy are compassionate, caring, and tireless client advocates and helping professionals, who treat their clients with respect and dignity.


Michael and Tracy have highly developed clinical skills and abilities, and use direct and indirect methods to help their clients find solutions that work and make changes that last as quickly as possible.


Tracy and Michael have extensive knowledge about the process of recovery from addiction and mental illness, effective parenting and relationship skills, and the process of change.


Collectively, Michael and Tracy have over 70 years of experience working with children, teens and adults, suffering from substance use disorders, mental and physical illnesses and relationship conflict.